About Us

True® is the worldwide leader in diverse and innovative production of organic fertilizers. We are a family-owned business who respectfully treats our growers’ land as if it were our own. We are passionately dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality, safest and easiest-to-handle organic fertilizers developed exclusively to help you grow your business.

Our Story

Owner and CEO Jake Evans started in the organic fertilizer business in the late 1990’s. Learning from the ground up, he used the fundamentals of agronomy and soil fertility to develop TOP’s first pelleted and liquid fertilizers.

True Organic Products is family-owned and operated and was founded in 2003 with two employees.  Since that time, the company has grown to the largest and most sought-after manufacturer of organic fertilizer on the West Coast.

TOP fertilizers get results. Jake remains hands-on with the company’s day-to-day interests, committed to the idea that a biologically balanced healthy soil makes for healthy plants, environment and community.

“I’ve always felt success comes with being honest,” Jake says. “Fulfilling our commitments is a TOP priority.”