Product Safety

True’s commitment to Product Safety is evident by our full-time on-site product safety staff who oversee all of our processes and procedures. With stringent rules for separation, treatment and testing, all of our outgoing products exceed industry requirements.

Separation is key

True® isolates the different segments of the production to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. Separation begins with understanding product disposition and includes storage space, buildings, traffic flow, equipment and operating staff.

Risk Reduction Begins By Understanding Each Step Of The Process

The manufacturing process at True® is fundamentally different from a food manufacturing facility, incoming organic input materials are considered microbiologically contaminated until processed. This process is what we call True HTP and is our proprietary heat treatment used to eliminate all human pathogens.  This process has been validated by an ISO accredited 3rd party laboratory.
Each product lot is on a Hold & Release Program and must be approved before shipping. Our lots are defined and assigned a unique number or “Lot Number” for the purpose of traceability. A mandatory Cleaning and Sanitation Program is implemented to address post lethality contact surfaces. To ensure product safety each lot produced is tested by a 3rd party laboratory for pathogenic bacteria. The resulting certificate of analysis is provided with each outgoing load.

Our food safety efforts extend to our shipping practices as well.  We maintain a tightly monitored system of shipping logistics to address any potential contamination of our bulk truck shipments and is consistent with requirements outlined in the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.

Quality Control

As an added step in our regulatory procedures we perform regular mock recalls. If there is ever a material recall event, True’s readiness plan is  place and ensures the best possible outcome during such an event.