Why Organic?

Increased consumer awareness of food safety and environmental concerns are the driving forces behind the explosive growth in organic farming over the last decade.

Unlike chemical products, organic fertilizers encourage the soil’s growth of microorganisms, which break down old plant material and convert nutrients into food. Over time, your soil becomes healthier and more fertile. Your plants grow hardy and robust.

Synthetic chemical fertilizers contain poisons, pollute water, destroy microbes in the soil, lose half their value due to runoff, burn roots, require constant watering, and contain less micro-nutrition.

True® Benefits

TOP’s organic fertilizer feeds the soil. Your soil is a tiny ecosystem that depends on nutrients, minerals and microbes for maximum health. Our fertilizers add these essentials to the soil and encourage microbial activity to establish a synergistic environment. With this renewed balance, your plants grow to their full potential.
  • no run-off into waterways and lakes
  • non-burning
  • less frequent application than synthetics
  • quick growth
  • less watering required
  • speed aeration recovery
  • reduce thatch
  • improve soil porosity

The result?

Vibrant, green, healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables, which means fertile soil, your thriving farm and happy customers.

Our Services


TOP fertilizers are designed to work synergistically. We’re happy to work with you and your soil fertility specialist to provide a complete program designed for healthier soils and consistent results.

Bulk truckloads, mini-bulk orders, or small containers, we can deliver on time to meet your needs.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service, maintaining strong relationships with our growers, and always living up to our promise.